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The Ultimate Flying Experience

Our paramotors are now available for purchase directly through our website

Iris Infinity is a premium paramotor loaded with advanced features and a complex frame geometry that was designed using modern engineering technologies and tested in real life. Our paramotor is extremely stable and fun in flight as well as while ground handling. It offers the highest level of weight shift with our signature swing arm system. This machine is a perfect fit for anyone from beginners to advanced freestyle and acro pilots that push paramotors to the limits.

Our paramotors are proudly designed, machined, welded, coated and assembled completely in-house in the USA by local skilled employees who get paid a fair wage.  

Our accessories are sold and loved all over the world

Our accessories are the back bone for our company. With the help of a global network of distributors, we have been able to become the most popular Quick Release in the world and one of the highest recommended throttles on the market. 

The Quickie Prop Hub

The Quickie is designed to fit into the tightest of spaces for transport. It has a real auto-locking ratcheting mechanism which cannot open without outside input. It’s the fastest way to install/remove your propeller and retain a secure locking mechanism.

Iris "No BS" Throttle

When designing this throttle, there was only one goal: to make a perfect throttle that responds to your input but doesn’t interfere with your flying. We promise that you will have an experience like you’ve never had before. This throttle is perfect. 

Custom Works of Art

From now on, for every several standard production paramotors, we will make one special one-off work of art. These rare machines will come with higher quality components but won’t break the bank. We will catalogue how every one is coated so if one is ever damaged, the damaged parts can be replaced.

Our products are engineered using modern design tools

Let’s face it. Most paramotors today are still designed for convenience and cheap manufacturing using old school methods without any real testing. Many use inadequately sized fasteners, metal on metal moving connections and generally incorrectly applied engineering principles. There are only a couple manufacturers that actually perform any structural testing on their units let alone applying structural design from the beginning. This is unacceptable. 

The Infinity is designed using modern engineering tools and technologies. Structural components go through dozens of hours of simulations and refinement which is followed by real world break testing and extensive flight testing. Rather than building something and seeing if it breaks in the field (especially by a customer), we set a standard and strive to achieve it. 

As an example, our aluminum swing arms were initially designed with a target breaking strength of 1600lbs on just the plate but in the last year with a few refinements we were able to overshoot the engineered target to over 1900lbs with riser offset blocks which add twisting forces. Even after the metal deformed permanently via twisting, the swing arm proceeded to safely hold a load of over 1300lbs without a major hang angle change. This number is higher than many other swing arms on the market even after they have failed

Structural Analysis using Load Simulations on our carbon fiber swing arms

Look, it’s simple